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When you dine at eDESIa, you aren’t simply just eating a meal — you’re engaging in a culinary experience. Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or one of our special events, our chef regularly crafts fresh, farm to table, seasonally inspired menus. Our knowledgeable and accommodating staff is familiar with every facet of the menu and is dedicated to providing you with the best dining experience possible.

Edesia is the Roman Goddess of Food Who presides over banquets. With Bibesia, the Goddess of Drink, She ensured that the feast went well and the food was excellent. It also means "This is India".

Take a look at our menu below.

Our Menu

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Veggie Frites
Fried bell peppers, jalapeños, broccoli, carrots, beets

Risotto with mozzarella cheese stuffing

Polpettine Arrabiata
Homemade meatballs with arrabiata sauce and pecorino romano and garnished with mint

Kadai (Fried) Gnocchi
Gnocchi, pan-fried and drizzled with a pecorino, parmesan and spinach sauce

Chicken Pokara
Battered with rice flour, lentil flour, garlic and a house blend of spices

Cheese Board - 32
Enjoy a selection of cheeses, paired with fruits and bakery selections that change daily (Charcuterie available upon request)

SOUP – 12
Selection Varies (Ask your server for today’s selection) 

House Salad
Spring mix lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic, basil, parmesan, house ranch dressing

Toasted Walnut Salad
Baby spinach, roasted walnuts, granny smith apples, crumbled feta, raisons, croutons and served with a Tennessee honey rosemary vinaigrette

IndoItalian Flag
Mozzarella cheese, Roma tomatoes, house made pesto, house spice blend, basil leaves

Eggplant Parmesan - 18
Pennoni pasta, eggplant, parmesan, mint and garlic

Spaghetti Masala – 22 (Add Chicken – 26, Add Shrimp – 28)
Spaghetti noodles, house made masala sauce

Risotto - 20
Arabati rice cooked with white wine and parmesan cheese to a creamy perfection

Pasta Curry - 22
Pasta served with a beef ragout curry sauce infused with spicy parmesan

Pollo Arrosto - 22
Roasted chicken breast with vegetable coconut curry sauce 

Penne alla Bianco – 22 (Add Chicken – 26, Add Shrimp – 28)
Pasta served with an alfredo sauce

Pan Seared Vegetables - 20
Farm fresh vegetables pan seared and served with garlic mashed potatoes and olive tapenade 

* Shankara Grits Masala - 24
Pan seared red snapper, served on a bed of creamy saffron grits, garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and creamy lemon butter dill sauce 

* Scallops - 28
Pan seared scallops with a spicy white wine saffron glaze, cooked with olive oil, served with a white bean sauce

* Seafood Trio - 30
Salmon, scallops, shrimp cooked with garlic and capers with a fried rosemary sprig

* Filet Mignon - 32
Ginger beer infused house cut beef tenderloin served with roasted potatoes, mixed vegetable medley, red wine sauce and truffle butter

Smoked Peach Pana Cotta
Coconut milk pana cotta layered with smoked peach jam

Chocolate Flourless Cake
A rich chocolaty espresso cake drizzled with chocolate sauce

Key Lime Tart
Graham cracker crust filled with a light key lime filling and topped with marshmallow meringue 

Choose from black cherry or pistachio


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Monish LLC is a creative group of businessmen from the Nashville area who have joined together to bring you eDESIa. Many of them are entrepreneurs doing well in their respective fields and bring a lot of excitement and insight to this group. This group has seen the changes of Middle Tennessee, and hope that this experience, insight and excitement can help bring more people into East Nashville to enjoy what the area has to offer.

Manan Jobalia

Owner/Managing Partner

Mannan, a.k.a. 'MJ', is a first generation Indian-American raised in Nashville. MJ is a businessman with a family background in hospitality management. He has been in the guest industry his whole life because of his parents. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from University of Alabama at Birmingham.
In addition to his position as Managing Partner at eDESIa, MJ serves as Managing Partner at an Indian restaurant across town. He also manages a couple of hotels in Nashville. His degree and experience in the hospitality industry help MJ’s innovation and creativity when it comes to fine dining.

The combination of being raised here in Nashville while still having a rich eastern cultural background and upbringing has given him a lot of insight into what people enjoy across cultures. He feels that eDESIa is the perfect way to bring two cultures together by uniting the fresh flavors of Nashville with the authenticity of Italy.

MJ and eDESIa are the perfect union of excellence and creativity.

Dr. Sathyan Gopalan

Owner/Managing Partner

Dr. Sathyan Gopalan, a.k.a. ‘Satya,' is a businessman and philanthropist with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Satya has an American Hotel and Motel Association Degree in Catering Technology, a Masters in Yoga and Naturopathy, and a PhD in Psychosomatics. His involvement in the hospitality industry goes back 20 years to when he founded Sunshine Café in Tiruvannamalai in South India. Since then, he has founded Tiruvannamalai’s most popular boutique hotel, Sunshine Guesthouse, which caters to a Western audience.

Satya also serves as a Director at the Sri Ramana Maharishi herbal remedies in Tiruvannamalai and is also the founder of the Global WATCHE Trust in India and is also founder of a web development company, Levicent.

With homes in both India and Nashville, Satya is a jet-setter and makes frequent trips to India to take care of his guest house and various charitable endeavors. His broad travel experience and background living in both India and America positions him perfectly to understand how one culture can influence others. His interpersonal skills with people from all countries and all backgrounds give him a unique insight into customer service.

Satya and eDESIa are the perfect fusion of East and West mixed in with a healthy dose of love and genuine concern for others.
This quote from Satya sums up his life policy in one sentence.
“Always everyone’s happiness first and before mine, that is MY happiness.
Help All and Serve All –All Happens By Itself .”

Meet Our Team

Each and every one of our committed Team Members represent our Spirit and Passion.
Awareness and savoir faire permeates daily through us at eDESIa.
Our well-rounded, talented and complementary team go to great lengths to offer the best of us to you.

Jacob McFeely

Head Chef

Alexandra Osborn

Pastry Chef